That Monday Feeling…

As most of my counselling work is done in schools, I’ve been lucky enough to have the last two weeks off for the Easter holiday. This has its downs as well as its ups though, one of these being the double dose Monday feeling as I prepare for the new week and the return to responsibility, commitments and fitting it all in.

Moreover, however, I’m brought to mind of some of the teenagers I counsel and how they are likely to be feeling. The majority of them will have happily enjoyed late nights up and late mornings lying in bed, eating leftover Easter Eggs for breakfast and overdosing on Netflix. They will probably feel a little grumpy and maybe even a little apprehensive about their first day back at school. Nevertheless, they will reluctantly drag their sleep deprived selves to school and forget all about their worries within minutes of arriving.

There will also be those for who the thought of returning to school fills them with utter dread. The bullying victim who hopes that they’ve moved onto someone else over the break, the girl who’s ex boyfriend posted pictures of her in all her naked glory to the social media massive last week, the boy who finds the noise and bustle of the school day physically painful, or the girl who has to face her friends and teachers for the first time since losing her dad to cancer just before the holidays.

There will be many teenagers who will be lying in bed tonight staring at the ceiling trying to make sense of why they must go through tomorrow and even the odd few who will ask themselves whether things would be better if they weren’t here.

Finally, there will be the teenagers who will be glad to return to school as it is the one place where they feel physically and emotionally safe.

So, my tiny gripes about that Monday feeling pale into insignificance as I wonder once again at the superhero teenagers who are fighting and winning the battle to be brilliant at this thing called life.

I will do my best to be the ear that they need and the reflective force that enables them to see themselves through my eyes…Amazing!


Psychotherapist and Psychic Medium turns Writer

I’m returning to blogging and twitter and the social media scene somewhat reluctantly….

After several years working in the corporate sectors where social media was an extension of ones very being, when I finally got the chance to be free of pings and notifications, I deleted my twitter and blogging accounts, only keeping facebook for the odd glance and a steady dose of fluffy kittens doing funny things.

I’ve been working as a counsellor for nearly 10 years in an array of roles, including the good old NHS and have been working as a school counsellor for 5 years which enables me to follow one of my passions and gladly get paid to do it.

Somewhere along the way, I also honed my psychic and mediumship skills but that’s another story for another day!

My other passion, however, is to “become” a writer. I say become as if some magical metamorphosis has to take place whereby I go to bed one evening as an overfed pupae and wake the next as a beautifully complete writer with a 7 figure advance in the bank and a seemingly endless supply of award winning books lodged in my head just waiting to be gleefully tapped onto my computer whilst bluebirds, bunnies and squirrels do the housework, the shopping and my day job.

What do you mean that’ll never happen?

I’m one of life’s eternal optimists so I live in hope and let’s face it the cute wildlife would probably do a better job of cleaning than I. In the meantime, I am at the mercy of the new World of writing. Having purchased my very first edition of the Writers and Artists Yearbook, I am confused, bewildered, excited, daunted, but ever optimistic.

I’ve rehashed my twitter account and my wordpress site and I intend to use both as a platform to introduce my writing to the World to see what it thinks.

Expect an array of different subject matters and short stories as well as some stories about the young people I work with and the amazing superpowers they possess. Each story will be fictionalised but will be based on actual events.

I’d love to connect with you and will gladly accept any hints and tips you can give me along with useful blogs and articles and sharing of your own experiences.

Thank you for reading so far and I’ll be in touch soon.